Annual Report

Dear Friends,

As 2023 gets fully into swing, I would like to take a moment to share some 2022 achievements and our thoughts for the future. Last year was a tremendously successful year under Liz Alexander’s excellent leadership.

  • We added six new donation location partners and two additional distribution partners, allowing us to provide 36,660 more pets meals than in 2021.
  • Our inventory and donor management systems saw significant upgrades, improving our ability to assist the community with pet food.
  • We hosted our first Hungry Hound Hustle since the onset of the Pandemic, bringing in $13,654 to support our mission.
  • Transparency and visibility were improved with updates to our Charity Navigator and GuideStar profiles.
  • We embarked on our first external audit. While a seemingly tedious process, this will continue to improve our organizational transparency.

Diversity and equity remain a high priority of the organization. While we have made some progress in this area, there is still ongoing dialogue around how we can make our leadership team more reflective of the communities we serve.

Finally, I would like to share a remarkable story that underscores why we do what we do. An employee of a local shelter was on duty when someone in the community arrived to surrender their pet. The reason: they could no longer afford to continue buying pet food. Understandably, this person was heartbroken at the situation. The employee connected them with our staff who were able to refer them to one of our distribution partners—preventing this person from having to go through the process of relinquishing their precious companion.

I think I speak for everyone involved with the organization when I say this is why we are grateful to be involved with Don’t Forget to Feed Me. Your support allows us to truly make a difference to those in our community, and to the pets they love.


S. David Lloyd, M.D., M.B.A.
President, DF2FM