The Maverick Fund

The Maverick Fund is a designated fund specifically to help individual pet-owning households who have experienced catastrophic events (house fires, tornado damage, etc.) that left pet owners without the resources to properly care for their pets. The fund was named in honor of Maverick Chiaramonte, the beloved boy of DF2FM supporters and volunteers Joe and Patti Chiaramonte.

The Maverick Fund is funded by designated donations to DF2FM.

DF2FM works with the American Red Cross – North Texas Region to identify and support pet owners who qualify for assistance. General inquiries are not accepted.

Examples of services provided by the Maverick Fund include but are not limited to:

  • Leashes and crates to help contain animals who have been displaced
  • Pet food and bowls so that pet owners can feed displaced pets
  • Toys, beds, and other items of comfort for displaced pets

Success Stories


Peppy and her daddy Samuel had some excitement when their apartment caught on fire. Thanks to you, when the Red Cross DFW arrived, a dog comfort kit was available for Samuel and Peppy. Unfortunately, Samuel needed medical attention and had to be transported to the hospital without Peppy.

The Red Cross contacted Don’t Forget to Feed Me, and the Maverick Fund sprang into action!

We picked up Peppy and took her to our friends at Family Pet Clinic North Richland Hills, where Dr. Yip and her team gave Peppy a check up and welcomed her into their boarding space. Peppy chilled with Dr. Yip and the FPC gang for a few days while Samuel recuperated from minor injuries and made a plan to move forward.

That weekend, a pet daddy was able to focus on dealing with the aftermath of a house fire while he knew his sweet girl was safe.


Juan and Maria were asleep one night when their home caught fire, and Peanut saved their lives by alerting them to the danger! Luckily, the family all got out ok; unluckily, they lost everything. The Red Cross DFW supplied Juan and Maria with a dog comfort kit you made possible, which helped secure Peanut at the scene.

Maria contacted Don’t Forget to Feed Me the next day, and your support meant The Maverick Fund was able to pay Peanut’s pet deposit at the hotel, and you all supplied Peanut with a new bed, a big new crate, more pet food, and even toys!

Peanut’s family is still recovering from the fire, but thanks to you, they have what they need to take care of the little puggle who saved their lives! Thank you!