Tribute Gifts


Let us mail a card to your animal-loving friends in recognition of a donation made in their name or the name of their pet. You may choose to remember a pet that has passed away or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Honor a person or pet with a donation of any amount and we will send the card of your choice for you.

After donating please ensure you email with the following information:

-Cat or dog card
-Name of person/pet donation made in name of
-Name you want to be recognized by
-Name and address for whom to send the card to


For a one-time gift of $500.00, Paw Pals will feature a photo of your dog or cat and his or her full name prominently on the Don’t Forget to Feed Me truck. You can honor or memorialize your pet and they will travel forever with us on our DF2FM truck, bringing pet food to pet families in our communities.

To receive more details about the process of sending the pet photo, please email our Operations Manager at