Operations Manager

Maria Koegl


Maria first became involved with DF2FM after meeting co-founder Terry Woodfin in 2009. She was a great asset in helping DF2FM foster partnerships with local animal businesses through her employment at a veterinarian office at the time. In the early years of the organization, she was our office manager, a volunteer position. As office manager, she helped develop (and name!) our summer and winter recurring fundraising campaigns: Hot & Hungry and Cold & Hungry.
As the organization grew, so did Maria’s volunteer role. She was the first Chair of the newly created Steering Committee in 2013, before being asked shortly thereafter to become a member of the Board of Directors. Maria has served in the Vice President and Secretary officer roles of the Board.
“Watching the creation of Terry Woodfin and Kim Pearson grow has been an immense joy and I am honored to be a part of it. I am excited to accept this new position and eager to see what comes next!”

Warehouse Manager/Truck Driver

Jason Meeks



“I joined the DF2FM team in 2019 as their driver, and have since assumed the warehouse duties as well.  I consider it a great privilege and a blessing to be able to assist our Seniors, and others who live on fixed or minimal incomes, and don’t always have extra money to purchase food for their pets, even though our pets are a huge part of our lives.

I have lived in Texas all my life; I was born and raised here in Tarrant County, and have attended Texas A&M.  My wife and I have been active in the Australian Shepherd breed for over 20 years now, and have fostered many dogs through various Aussie Rescue groups.

I have met some wonderful people on my pickup and delivery routes, and look forward to meeting more of you!”

Community Outreach Coordinator

Debbie Sharpe



Debbie has been a volunteer with DF2FM since 2014 and is very passionate about the mission to support pets and their families in need. Previously she was our Volunteer Coordinator, at which she excelled. In 2020 we promoted her to Community Outreach Coordinator.

She was born in Texas but raised in Oklahoma, graduating from The University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Marketing.  She is married to Dan and has 3 sons, 1 daughter, 4 rescue dogs and 2 bearded dragons.  She is an avid animal lover who tries to advocate for the voiceless.  Debbie is looking forward to having a more active role in helping to provide pet meals to people in the community.