Become a Donation Location

Are you interested in hosting a Don’t Forget to Feed Me pet food collection box at your business? We’d love to add you to our donation locations!

Donation Locations

  • Must have the space available to collect pet food. Most donation locations keep a large donation bin in a readily accessible area for their clients/patrons.
  • Should designate one person from your business to serve as the primary contact. This contact will work with a donation location monitor from DF2FM to schedule pick-ups from the collection bin. The business representative should call the DF2FM office when pick-ups are needed or set up a recurring schedule with their monitor. Pick-ups can be scheduled when your collection bin is full or other times, as necessary.

In Return, Don’t Forget to Feed Me

  • Will provide a donation collection box and other promotion materials.
  • Will collect pet food either on a regular basis or as needed. 
  • Will mention your business on social media and on our website as a donation location. 

If your organization is interested in becoming a donation location with Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank, we suggest the following:

  • Decide where you can collect pet food.
  • Decide who will manage the donated pet food and be the point of contact for our donation location monitor.

Ready to Help?

Contact us today to explore the possibility of working together for the benefit of families and pets!

Community Outreach Coordinator
Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank
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