Youth Involvement

Kids are generous by nature, and they care about animals. Teaching children about altruism and giving back is fun with DF2FM!

Download our coloring page and share your completed artwork on social to help us spread the word! Find the page here: Coloring Page

Check out our special 2020 Halloween Coloring Sheet

We also have some school activity pages you can find here: School Activities

Pet food drives are a great way to get kids engaged in the community at any time of the year. Kids of any age can run a pet food drive as even small children understand the idea of loving a pet as a family member and sharing food with others.

Food drives can be hosted:

  • For a birthday
  • With a religious group
  • With a scout troop
  • At school
  • In the neighborhood

We can provide donation boxes, flyers, and materials for your food drive. For more info and ideas, visit our page about hosting a pet food drive. For big groups or special events, you can also request a speaker for your school or other group. 

Bagging pet food is a great way for kids to get hands-on experience working in our warehouse. Volunteers between the ages of 8-16 may work in the DF2FM warehouse with a parent or legal guardian present. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a waiver of liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian before they can volunteer.

Don’t Forget to Feed Me welcomes students, community groups, and other organizations who encourage community service. We will work with you to schedule time in our warehouse for your group or, for larger groups or younger kids, we can help schedule off-site bagging.

We’re here to support your child’s efforts. Email us at to find out how your kids can get involved!